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Saturday, January 08, 2005

A ferry, crossing the river. The only really good thing of my new Fuji camera is the 10 x zoom, which allowed me to take this kind of picture from quite far away.

The view, just opposite the "horror" house... The more typical Portuguese architecture of late 19th century.

Here's another "horror" house. This one reminds me of American Gothic style architecture, and was built, possibly, around a hundred years ago. It doesn´t look like anything in the area, and it's amazing that something so extravagant was allowed to be built in the first place. It also seems incomplete somehow. It's located at the main square at Cova da Piedade, near Almada, and whenever I pass nearby it reminds of the house in Hitchcocks's "Psicho"...

I'm kind in a mood for ruins these days, and for scary houses and shadows. Maybe influence of all these Otto Preminger "film noir" movies I've been watching these days. Saw this old abandoned factory and captured it in B/W.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Countryside road, near Alhandra.

The countryside is not far from this part of Lisbon, so I decided to use the Fuji camera to take Infrared pictures. In the end, none was watchable, and this was one was edited in order to achieve this effect. Well, hope they'll look better next time.

Not only nice views from this river spot... Ugly suburbia, Lisbon style. Those are the kind of apartments I wouldn't like to live in!

River view, Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

The 20km long Vasco da Gama bridge.

River view.

More tree shadows.

Apartments at the Avenida da Igreja, Lisbon.

One day I'm gonna buy one of these apartments!

I guess I just love trees and spend a lot of time contemplating their beauty. And I love their shadows on a sunny winter day, like today - specially their shadows on the buildings near where I live. This was also the chance to try a Fuji 5500 camera, with a quite disappointing picture quality.


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