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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

J.'s pictures in Cape Verde...

An add for a local cottage... Portuguese is the official language, and several creoule dialects are spoken in these islands.

A church... Catholicism is the main religion in the islands.

Beach near Cidade da Praia

View of a beach. Cape Verdians are one of the warmest peoples in the world, and it's huge diaspora has taken its food, music and joy of living to several parts of the world.


Ilha de São Tiago, Cape Verde

Picture taken from the car...

Desertic landscape, Ilha de São Tiago, Cape Verde.

J. sends more pictures from the trip to Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony, halfway between Africa, Europe and America. This map shows its location.

View to the downtown, Hotel do Chiado.

A view to the Baixa Pombalina, an area rebuilt after our major earthquake of 1755.

In case any of you guys ever comes to Lisbon, you may try to stay in a wonderful hotel in the Chiado area - the Hotel do Chiado. It is located in the downtown, has a stunning decoration and, above all, a cafe, restaurant and a hanging garden in its top floor. I was there a few days ago and took these pictures.


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