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Monday, January 17, 2005

A bridge, leading to a small lighthouse, in the village of Alcochete.

The river in Alcochete.

River beach, Alcochete.

Days ago, I found this river beach in Alcochete, some 40kms away from Lisbon. The river here really looks like a wide lake.

And that's what I wanted to photograph... That tower is my favourite building in the area. Built in the 1940's, it always reminds me of Kim Novak's posh building in Hitchcock's "Vertigo". If we only had built more things like these... Like other buildings in the area, it does need some restoring.

My home is near the Avenida de Roma, one of the capital's main avenues.

Heading back home, I passed near this... No, it is not a mosque, although nothing in Iberia looks more like one. It is actually a bull fights arena, the Praça de Touros, in Campo Pequeno. It was built over a hundred years ago, imitating Moorish architecture. It is now being restored, and they decided to paint the domes green, which doesn't look that much nicer...

First sky picture... Went to wash the car today and tried to photograph a saturated blue sky. I guess this picture could be from anywhere in the world.


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