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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Aguas Livres Aqueduct, Lisbon.

Aguas Livres Aqueduct, Lisbon.

Pictures from the Aguas Livres aqueduct, built from 1732 onwards. It supplied water to the city, and it's main arch had the biggest opening in the world at the time. With its secondary aqueducts, it spans a distance of 58 km.

The old Lisnave communications tower, in Almada. As a kid, I dreamt of entering such a place in a rainy winter day, and watch those huge ships from all over the world entering the harbour. It is one of the few things that remains from one of the world's biggest shipyards, which was closed in the early 90's.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

An old windmill in the hill, which was transformed into a parking area for commuters leaving to Lisbon by ferry, in Almada.

My former apartment block in Almada.

View from the car.

My car!

When I was kid we've lived in that building in Almada for a while. The views were terrific, although the quality of life in this suburb of Lisbon was nothing special in the 70's.

Trees in the hill, overlooking the Tagus in Almada.

View to Cacilhas, a small village, with Lisbon on the other side of the Tagus.

View to the river from Almada.

It was a cold morning today, when I took these pictures from a hill in Almada, near Lisbon. The tower you can see near the river lies abandoned, after the huge Lisnave shipyard closed some years ago.

Bairro Alto at night, a very hilly place, where most of the capital's night life is located.

The narrow street near the Parliament, in Lisbon. Most of the buildings have been recently restored.

Went to pick up J. last night. The office is near the Portuguese Parliament, the Assembleia da República. I have finally decided to start taking pictures at night. The results were, obviously, very bad! So here I am again with some more pictures :)


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